26. May

Why not try rhubarb ice-cream?

Rhubarb is definitely not on its way out. On the contrary, ‘rhubarbiness’ is IN.
Sour and sweet at the same time, coquettishly colourful and charmingly mysterious, I just love rhubarb. Is it a tasty fruit or a vegetable? One way or another, the magic lies in its fresh seasonal simplicity.
The rhubarb season has come. You can’t help noticing it in the garden or at the market-it’s everywhere. It’d be strange if it didn’t turn up. Yet it doesn’t always have to be the classical rhubarb cake, muffins or pastries. Why don’t you try some delicious rhubarb ice-cream?

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How do you prepare it?

When buying rhubarb, choose purple to dark red stalks, cut away the green part and gently peel the stalks. Wash the rhubarb stalks and chop them into smaller pieces. Let them scald for a minute (watch them so that you don’t make a porridge!) and mix them carefully. Flavour as you like: you can go for more yoghurt, sour cream or quark; some spice-cinnamon or ginger, or even a bit of pepper… Dairy products are ideal because of the oxalic acid, which will prevent calcium and iron absorption.
Don’t miss out on your first taste of rhubarb ice-cream this year. It’s quite divine!

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