03. Dec

“Who is it peeling off my gingerbread?”

It’s gingerbread time. Sure to be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

I have succumbed to the spell of gingerbread here in the Czech republic mainly because of my daughter. They are of gold-brown color and if you imagine all the honey and the mix of finely ground spices smelling like anise, star anise, clove and cinnamon – you will experience true pleasure. Gingerbread has a long tradition – formerly you would add pepper into the dough, hence the original Czech name – peprníček (pepper-cake). I’m not an experienced gingerbread maker and so I need to thank my friends at the Na Rybníčkách bakery for the beautifully baked homemade spelt gingerbread. They have taught me that quality gingerbread should be neither soft nor tough but rather firm so it can last for months and months. That is unless you eat it all at once! A gingerbread house, for example, is a sweet, incredibly fragrant delicacy which is hard to resist.

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I didn’t want to just watch gingerbread disappear from plates at the speed of light so I decided to conjure up my own gingerbread ice-cream, while it lasts. Are you curious what the results were? The rich creamy taste full of gingerbread mesmerized me.
How about you? Do you like gingerbread?
If so, then do not hesitate and enter the fragrant Angelato forest! Fear not, no evil witch will peep out, just a laughing sorceress!

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Simply. Angelato