23. Sep

When plums and chocolate meet…

Do you know what kadlátka are ?

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A basket full of fresh, silvery frosted plums reminds me of a plum orchard that my grandparents had. I remember the blooming plums and a lone mulberry bush. My Grandfather used to make rakia or brandy out of the plums. During the season of Autumn homemade plum brandy was commonplace, as well as plum jam that my grandmother made; the jam was made without sugar and slowly on a wood stove – I can still remember the smell. In all that you can feel our Slavic roots.

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Cherry / plum, plum / šljiva or blackthorn, kadlátko / karlátko … is my loving, sunny, fragrant home. Plums are the taste of my early childhood. Secret violet-indigo alchemy fascinates me to this day.

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I wanted to experiment with these plums and so…plums and chocolate met! Washed, halved and pitted plums baked together with slightly bitter 67% dark chocolate from Madagascar – such a rich flavor and color. We started with plums then added rich chocolate – that’s Angelato!

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Simply. Angelato