28. Aug

When peach sorbet meets poppy seeds

It’s the peak season for peaches and you have a lot at home, now just what to do with them? They are fragrant, juicy, colorful, velvety … the sweet variety seduces.


Culinary culture is something learned from our childhood. It means to be open, accepting of others, and not just new flavors but also emotions. Our family always indulged in good food, a tradition that I continue to this day.

Culinary Arts (fr. l’Art Culinaire) means to cook simply, easily and playfully, and all with a sense of imagination. Using completely ordinary ingredients with recipes that are perfectly balanced and working sensitively with raw materials can conjure up the best ice cream.


Playing around with recipes in the kitchen happens at ANGELATO all the time. We like to try new things and are not afraid to experiment, we are always tasting what we add bit by bit. Ideas come by themselves, both in color and taste.


I’m curious how you will like the extraordinary combination of ordinary peaches with whole grains polka dotted with blue poppy seeds. Not only will your taste buds savor this but also your eyes. This is a true delicacy.

breskva-mak Breskva-WM-3

Simply. Angelato