07. Oct

When Cinderella’s pumpkin becomes the queen of the autumn…

Just like the fairy tale itself, Cinderella’s pumpkin has many magical motifs, from the starter to the dessert.

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My desire to cook and experiment in the Angelato kitchen right now roots in the autumn mood. I want to conjure the best out of a cold and damp autumn. To color the October days orange.
I love pumpkins.
I love their color and their natural sweet nutty taste.
I love it how they are able to warm one up in these cold and windy days.
I love Sunday wanders outside of Prague to a kind of a strange ball in the fields by the village of Lstiboř where Mr. Doskočil asked me with a smile:
“You have come to the field in your ballerina flats?”
He immediately handed me his rubber boots which were a few sizes larger. They were not exactly pink shoes, but a cool princess had already been born.

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A fish cast a spell
So that there is a mistake
A crayfish cast a spell
So that it is so!
(folk rhyme)

We are going to conjure a fairy tale ice-cream out of an ordinary pumpkin. This year there is going to be be a pumpkin special at Angelato, every week the pumpkin will be spiced a bit differently.
The Hokkaidó pumpkins, called Kabocha by the Japanese needn’t be peeled, just carve out the inner part with the seeds, cut the pulp into bigger pieces, boil a bit and spice according to your liking.

*with cinnamon and walnuts
*with black sesame seed
*with a chili pepper, with its seeds removed, and cut into tiny pieces
*with thyme

Let’s go to a ball. How else than in the Angelato carriage?

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Simply. Angelato