25. Nov

What else but nut ice cream…

Are you craving nuts?
I like completely fresh ones the best, when the white membrane is peeled off, hiding a perfect secret: a tender, soft, milky… seed. I remember when we collected green walnuts at the end of June as kids and had brown hands from all the peeling. And the magical walnut tree? Take a walk around it and your most secret wish will come true.

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Ripe walnuts are collected in September, the lighter the hue, the higher the quality. If you cut a fresh walnut in half, it should be white. Beware, it will soon go rancid, if not stored properly.

What kind of autumn would it be without homegrown walnuts harvested this year? They are a perfect filling for cakes and pies but ice-cream suits them best. It is then very flavorful, pleasantly oily, simply royal.

Do you also like them very much? Then “crack” a few at Angelato, perhaps even today.

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