17. Sep

What about lavender ice-cream with white chocolate?

I love lavender.
I love the smell of lavender.
I love bluish-purple oceans of lavender fields.
I can’t help myself flirting with lavender, not even with the summer fading away.
Be it lavender cheesecake or dark chocolate with lavender, Angelato’s true evergreen. But what springs to mind now… hmm… how about mixing it with white chocolate? Me, that’s lavender wherever you look.
I prepared the ice-cream using manually picked and dried lavender flowers from the Croatian island of Hvar and Columbian white chocolate.
White chocolate contains nothing but cocoa butter from the cocoa beans, milk and sugar. The more cocoa butter it contains, the better quality the chocolate is.


How do you make it?
In a small pot, slowly warm up milk, add lavender flowers, remove from the burner and let it macerate for 15 minutes in order to get a full lavender taste. It mustn’t boil! Be careful when using lavender so that you don’t get ice-cream tasting like soap.
Lavender, white chocolate and fior di latte all unite to create an extravagant and aromatic Angelato flavour. It’s an outstanding refreshment, which smells amazing.
Lavender’s blue…


Simply. Angelato