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We have gooseberry ice-cream!

Little, juicy and hairy gooseberries are just ripening. However, you don’t find gooseberries on every corner these days and there are even people who don’t know anything about the fruit. Would you agree that the gooseberry is neglected?
My Sunday trips around Prague already feel like summer. We’re off to go picking! To the village of Lstiboř once again, where Mr Doskočil is waiting for me, smiling.
‘You can pick ripe gooseberries from the bush yourself. I don’t want to put you off by telling you that it’s thorny. It’s, erm, no laughing matter.’
‘Thorny?’ Although the gooseberry is hairy, it’s also very tasty. You cannot resist. Just picked, the fruit has an unforgettable taste. It’s refreshing and a perfect match to the summer!
I’m quick to broaden gooseberry horizons in directions completely different from the traditional jams, sauces, compotes, cider and wine…

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What about gooseberry ice-cream?
Get ripe, yet hard gooseberries (overripe fruit is too watery, while unripe gooseberries could lead to some undesirable consequences) and remove the stalks and petal residue. Wash them, mix until the fruit becomes soft and press through a sieve (alternatively, you could also prepare your ice-cream with the skin and seeds left in it). I can’t wait to see the result. The juice isn’t colourful, but its sweet-sour-bitter taste will remain in your mouth ‘forever’!
An excellent way to taste some gooseberry ice-cream, or set off to get some berries of your own!
So stop pulling faces and add gooseberry ice-cream to your ‘to-taste’ list.

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