09. Oct

Sweet (and salty) temptation or Salty caramel ice-cream

I can’t refrain from sweets completely.
And I have no fear caramel will leave me over sugary for the rest of my life.

Yet can sweet caramel ever be salty? No wonder there is only a bit of salt in salty caramel. Hmmm, what else can we add….? Maybe just – eat it now!
I’m off to cook another load right now.

slani karamel 203

How do you make it?
Prepare everything in advance and you’re in for a delicious result.
What do you need?
Sugar and cream in the ratio of one to one and a pinch of sea salt.
Your work will then be fast and furious.
Put sugar into a high pot but don’t stir it, as it would stiffen and you’d never get rid of the crystals. Let the sugar melt until it becomes amber-like, then pour cream, which you have warmed just a little. The mixture will bubble away and it may even seem to be rising – so stay alert! Let it cook nice and long until it gets thick.
Then it’s time to remove the pot from the stove, let it cool down and add as many Maldon sea salt flakes as you like. Putting the salt on ready caramel will create a very effective impression. Caramel and fior di latte have joined forces to make Angelato’s new extravagant flavour.

The sweetest satisfaction comes when it is even the biggest sceptics who pop in and have some salty caramel ice-cream. Addiction granted! That’s exactly why this one is head and shoulders above other October flavours.

P.S.: Watch out! Hot sugar can get very, very hot! Don’t burn your fingers!

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Simply. Angelato