19. Mar

Spice, spice, spice…


I have to admit I’m keen on spices. Spicy ice cream. Hmmm…

Peeling and chopping fresh turmeric roots, which leave your fingers orange, is my new source of inspiration. Turmeric leaves not only your fingers, but also your thoughts colourful. Its rich colours make you feel as if you were wallowing on a sunlit meadow. Such a warm moment spiced up by slightly hot ginger is like energy flowing in all directions.

But let’s go back to ice cream.

For the ice cream, you need a spoonful of ginger combined with turmeric. Carefully wash fresh ginger and turmeric rhizomes and grate them. Heat milk with cream until it comes to the boil, add the spices and allow to infuse for 15 minutes.

Using spices is a matter of intuition. Not a tone more, not a tone less. And if it doesn’t feel good, don’t go ahead.

A hell of a good combination; slightly spicy and acrid. If you love it, nothing else matters.

kurkuma-zazvor004 kurkuma-zazvor001kurkuma-zazvor013

Spring has almost arrived, just look out of the window. Let’s spice it up a bit. That’s it. Simple and sexy.

*Tip: Thanks to its unique colour-it contains the curcumin pigment-turmeric can be also used as a colouring.

Simply. Angelato