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Sorbetto di arancia

The color orange reminds me of juicy oranges. The feeling of happiness. A light breeze of freshness. In December we enjoy delicious, juicy Spanish naranjas. Yeeeah, I like that…. Let’s start then. We’ll make sorbet out of freshly squeezed Spanish (organic) oranges. The kind that you needn’t bite into. The kind that immediately melts in your mouth. Let’s just look at everything that needs to be done. First of all, you of course peel off the skin, then you squeeze out the juice. Simple. I reach into my magical hat and hunt for other flavors. We can add a few drops of fresh ginger or a bit of ground cinnamon into the juice and there we have a light, refreshing, fragrant orange sorbet*.

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If you are creative and search for how to do something otherwise, experiment and try unusual combinations. There are of course no limits as to any modifications you may want to make… If you don’t feel like preparing anything and lack the true zeal … no recipe will help you. Of course, sometimes you miss the target, but cooking is still a fun game.

Honestly – there is so much to try, add and improve for me! And that makes me happy. And where do you stand?


By no means leave out the organic orange peel! Use it for cakes, creams and sorbets.

*The name ‘sorbet’ comes from the Latin verb ‘sorbere’ which means to eat and to drink at the same time. So we have it 2 in 1 🙂 Sorbet doesn’t include any milk or dairy products, so it can be also enjoyed by vegetarians and vegans.

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