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Rice pudding with milk…

Are you a ‘porridge-lover’? Are you crazy about rice porridge or velvety rice pudding? I grew up eating porridge. As a child, my favourite one used to be rice porridge. You can create so many variations and alterations of it, it never palls.
They say a successful day begins with a good breakfast. If you want to treat yourself to a nice big portion of breakfast porridge, why don’t you try a nice big portion of rice ice cream?

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How about rice ice cream? What do you need and what do you do?
If you’re about to make rice porridge, use enough milk, even though a fourfold amount of milk might seem too much. Add cinnamon from Ceylon and a vanilla pod. Heat over a low flame for about half an hour until it gets soft. Stir from time to time. It’s no art, but it’s certainly a delicious bite. Use the cooled porridge to make ordinarily extraordinary ice cream.

‘Rice pudding with milk,
I’ll find me one day
A mexican lad who can sing and can play.’

Angelato is on the alert for hungry people. Please, feel free to join us, ‘rice-lovers’!

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