21. Oct

Pumpkin sorbet

Pumpkin has become a neverending story in the Angelato kitchen.
Sweet, salty, cooked, baked, …
Spaghetti, butternut, muscat or Orange Hokkaido squash, …
Their taste is just so noble.
I love beautifully colourful October with pumpkin ice-cream, this time as a sorbet! Finally here I am with the promised pumpkin sorbet, which will delight vegans as well as everyone allergic to milk.

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Wash nice, ripe Orange Hokkaido squashes, remove the seeds and fibres (cooking the skin is alright), slice them and cook them briefly until they get soft (don’t cook them too long, though). Make them smooth, mix them and add as much fresh orange juice and squeezed ginger fruit as you like.
The ice-cream’s ready!

I don’t know what to feast my eyes on first! The delicate, sweet and slightly nutty taste or the orange beauty?
Have your day coloured orange, too.
It’s worth giving it a go!

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Simply. Angelato