18. Nov

Pumpkin-pumpkin ice-cream for the second time

What can you do with pumpkin seeds? How about a savory nibble or as sweet ice-cream lick? They fit this year’s fall the best. This is the second month you have been enjoying the Hokkaido pumpkin ice-cream at Angelato and once you’re finished, we’ll spoil you once again, again with pumpkin ice-cream.

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I love November pumpkin feasts. I like the universality and unusualness of pumpkins. Sweet, savory, baked, boiled… Nothing is easier than to go ahead and start with the ice-cream. Although they are firm and hard, when baked, pumpkin seeds become tender and so have then a perfect nutty taste. They won’t be just for decoration, we’re going to be using them in big style. We’re going to bake them, add a pinch of salt and with a drop of pumpkin oil the ice-cream will be even more pumpkin-flavored and greener. A new pumpkin-pumpkin surprising delicacy has just been born. It is only up to you which flavor it is you wish to surrender to now.

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* Make sure not to throw away pumpkin seeds! You can wash and dry pumpkin seeds, add a pinch of salt or chili and bake them in the oven. They last a long time and are tastier than any seeds you can get from a shop. You can also dry them, store them and plant them next year.

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