21. Mar

Orange? Only with hibiscus!

Orange sorbet. An Angelato classic, you would say. But what do you get when you mix orange with hibiscus? Another blockbuster flavour for our March selection.
Refreshing, rich in vitamins, ultra light and not too sweet – a sorbet ideal for the winter to spring transition. I have tried and upgraded it a bit, though. Dried orange pieces are typically added to tea blends, so I mixed orange juice and tea!
How do you do it?
Buy only sweet fruits in the top season (January to March) with intensely coloured skin. Mix freshly squeezed juice with hibiscus infusion – carcade – made by infusing dried flowers. Not only is hibiscus delicious, a little sour, it is also rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C and flavonoids. An unusual flavour which tastes sweet, bitter and sour is incredibly healthy – believe me, it is worth a try!

Slowly but surely, we can’t wait for the spring to come. Join us!

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