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Noble Mr Chestnut

You can always recognize him at first sight: that’s him – the massive, long-lived, energetic, serious, exceptional, distinctive and noble Mr Chestnut. He has a magic power. You would like to have him in your pocket, in every handbag, in the car, under your pillow… It will first taste sweet, then tart but you will be crazy about it. A brown chestnut, dear ladies, is indistinguishable from a true one! But let’s not confuse it with the horse-chestnut tree which grows a lot in our parks. Its fruit, the so called horse-chestnuts, are poisonous.

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How to prepare it? Before preparation make a cross-shaped cut at the the point of the ripe fruit and boil for twenty minutes until tender. After boiling, peel and blend into smooth cream. Milk and cream add a more delicate taste. Then we just add a bit of rum and there we have unique ice-cream.

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I love white flowers of chestnut with a yellow undertone, especially when in bloom.
I love pockets full of chestnuts.
I love chestnuts with white hearts.
I love the smell of baked chestnuts or chestnut puree. I can resist neither chestnut ice-cream nor Mr Chestnut.
And that’s simply the way it is.

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Simply. Angelato