15. Apr

Nettle ice-cream, la vida!

Here comes Maundy Thursday.

Do you keep Easter traditions? Do you know what meal our ancestors used to cook on Maundy Thursday according to legend? Do you usually eat green vegetables on Maundy Thursday yourself?

Personally, I have a soft spot for nettles. I would die for some.
I love nettle soup, noodles, ravioli, gnocchi, … Going through Italian recipes, you can find tagliatelle all’ortica, pasta with nettles, for example.

And what about ice-cream from fresh, young nettles? How do you make it?

Set off to a nature spot or a market. Choose the place carefully and cut only the tops of young nettles with stems as thin as possible. Who said nettles sting? Gloves can help… more or less.
Poach the nettles for a while (i.e. cook them submerged in hot water) and strain them. This is usually done at a temperature of 80°C. Poached, the nettles will retain their nutrients as well as their original taste. Don’t make the ice-cream purely from nettles, it’s too ‘nettley’. So add some lemon juice and olive oil or home-made yoghurt. Nettle has a very distinct taste and just a little will do.

Go, nettles, go!

Simply. Angelato