12. Sep

If pear sorbet, then with sage

Saturday morning, getting out of bed, wonderfully smelling coffee and off you rush to the market. In Belgrade you’d always go to weddings or markets on Saturdays. Or to the cemetery. It depends on how lucky you were on that particular morning.

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I love the amazing vibe of a market.
I love shopping at growers I know.
I love the unexpected tasting of a fresh, just cut piece of a pear.

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I hope you’ll ignore the produce section of your supermarket. Domestic pears have fallen into disgrace. They are currently on the decrease but yet they’re thriving here. I don’t like paying attention to fashion trends of fruit and vegetable producers and I have a feeling that with each forgotten pear variety one flavor leaves for the above-mentioned cemetery. The Solanka, Clapp’s Favourite, the Bosc pear, the Williams pear, the Madame Verté, the Parisian pear, the Muscatel pear, the Spinka, the Spinster…

For drying, into spirits, into pies or into ice-cream? It’s enough to just add caramelized sage and the pear sorbet becomes an exotic delicacy, which can awaken two senses at once.

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Smell & Taste

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Simply. Angelato