18. Oct

How Adam and Eve cooked

It is hard to tell what exactly Eve gave to Adam. An apple? The legend might have arisen because the latin word malus means an apple as well as the word evil. An apple is like a woman who different men see differently, a kind of mystery. She has so many sides: from a luscious nymph to an evil witch, from the goddess of discord to a symbol of power.


We started our cooking with a rather “hungry” discussion between me and an Adam.
What to choose now?
– I’m sure we’ll find something.
What’s this nice smell? A forbidden apple?

-Noooo, it’s a caramel apple.

What does its secret consist of?

-There’s no secret here.

We eventually prepared a recipe together, peeled and cut apples into thin slices and then sprinkled them with lemon juice. When sugar started to caramelize we added apples, cinnamon and nutmeg…


and … we had a godly laugh. I thought, no Adam wouldn’t surprise me any more. But it is still possible. This is what I love about Adam – the creative drive, this culinary rush, this dynamism which originates with a single sentence inspired by a single apple.

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Dear ladies, cooks, cook and taste with your Adam. Just let yourself be surprised. And share your curiosities as well as ideas with us. The apple was, is and always will be IN.

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Simply. Angelato