17. Sep

How about wine-poached pears?

The pear season’s had a promising start.
I enjoy rummaging through recipes, perhaps because pears are so nice and ripe at the moment.
Just picked, our pears come only from well-known farmers with a guarantee of high quality and freshness.

These are pears you don’t get in shops.
If you feel like having some sinfully good sorbet, wine-poached pears are definitely worth a go.
The old variety of Clapp’s pear is truly luxurious and smells just splendid. Add 2014 QUARTZ Green Veltliner from Petr Nejedlík’s ‘Good Vineyard’: dry, fresh, natural and unfiltered wine will do the sorbet good. Wine-soaked pears won’t get you drunk: on the contrary, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.


October smells like pears, it does! Hard to resist.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
And if, like me, you don’t get enchanted by drunken pears at first bite, why don’t you try a bottle of good white wine instead?

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