29. Sep

How about pear sorbet with ginger?

An early autumn can’t help but put you at your ease. Colourful, tasty, sweet.
And sweetness equals the feeling of delight.

A juicy pear note is an old idea, but with a completely different taste, so I’m adding some more pear sorbet which will leave you pleasantly surprised once you taste it for yourself. This time last year, we were feasting on pears with caramelised sage, this year the Angelato kitchen has kicked off the pear season with ‘light’ pear accompanied by popular ginger.
Pears are packed with minerals, not to mention ginger essential oil and gingerol! Besides, they taste delicious and can help to provide you with much needed energy.

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How do you set about making it?
Wash the pears, remove their seeds, immediately mix with lemon juice and liquidize. Mix ginger into the pear purée and voilà, you have a simple autumn sorbet.

Only for suckers for pears! Try it out for yourself. I can’t wait to hear how much you like it.

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