14. May

How about liquorice ice-cream?

Oh, liquorice…
You either like it or you hate it, there’s nothing in between.
Do you fancy liquorice sticks and sweets? For me, no, not really, thank you. When I was a child, I never liked them and I know many people elsewhere in the world turn their noses up at them as well.
However, as a true ice-cream magician I have to give liquorice a chance.
Playing with variable streams of creativity, I enjoy trying out new, rather heady ingredients.

What do you need?
Dried liquorice root.

How do you prepare liquorice ice-cream?
Chop the liquorice root into tiny pieces and grind them. Then, cook the chopped and ground root until it becomes dense. ‘Sweetwood’ is characterized by its strong, distinctive, sweet taste that will make you feel all warm, but do be careful with the dosage! How do you balance the sweet taste? With Sichuan pepper, cloves or ginger? With everything… just right. And you mustn’t forget to add a bit of sugarcane, fresh milk and cream.

Gee, I can feel the awesome, discreet, natural scent…
Give liquorice a try.

* Did you know that in 1760 George Dunhill added sugar to liquorice, which is how liquorice sweets production began?

liquorice 001 liquorice 002liquorice 003

Simply. Angelato