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How about coconut sorbet?

Dear friends, a new ice-cream season has just begun.
I wish its happy beginning to all of you who can’t wait. May our enthusiasm last forever.
Oh yes, I’ve also fallen victim to the sunny mood, and one thing that’s crossed my mind is: why don’t we make the long-promised coconut sorbet a permanent menu item?
There’s an awesome thing about it. It’s cow’s milk free, yet it tastes great. Coconut lovers will get a bang out of it!
And neither vegetarians, vegans, nor people with lactose intolerance or health freaks can say a word…

koko sorbet 005

How do you make it?
For the most delicious-smelling sorbet you’ll need ripe or grated dried coconut, sugar and water. You can buy coconut milk of course, I tried and made some at home.
Open the coconut meat, put it into a blender along with some water and mix until it’s smooth.
Alternatively, you can put grated dried coconut into a cup and pour hot water over it. Let it rest for a while and when the water cools down, mix until it’s smooth, as well. Then just strain the milk through some cloth. Don’t throw the remainder away; I added it to the ice-cream.

kokos 059

Pamper yourself with a sorbet smelling like exotic holidays and lazing around. Just like that.
Welcome to paradise!
I can’t wait to learn how much you like it!

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