15. Mar

Ginger & Cardamom

We’re back! After a winter break we’re back to the Angelato kitchen, ready to cook, mix, stir and serve ice-cream. I couldn’t wait to get back, and, I know, you neither!
Want to know what’s up? Well, for all the ginger lovers out there – this month belongs to ginger. It is a simple and clean taste, yet original.
And if you add a pinch of crushed seeds of the rare and nice-smelling cardamom, ginger ice-cream immediately adopts a brand new look. You’re going to love it!
Some people despise ginger’s spiciness, some adore it. The peculiar taste is derived from a substance called gingerol and essential oils.
Do you know cardamom?
Cardamom comes from the ginger family. What are picked are green pods with seeds, which can be used as a whole, crushed or ground. It is the third most expensive spice (surpassed only by saffron and vanilla). Its taste is aromatic, a bit spicy, yet fresh, resembling eucalyptus a bit.
Buy only fresh ginger. Peel it and cut into thin slices. Crush the cardamom seeds, add them to fior di latte, put everything into an ice-cream maker and then do nothing but put the ice-cream on the tip of your tongue and let it melt.
You simply can’t find any fault with it.

P.S.: Careful about the amount, ginger is really hot. 🙂 If you let it infuse too long, it will make your mouth burrrn.

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