Ice cream made from cream Our cream flavours are made from fresh, pasteurized, full-fat milk and cream produced in a family-run dairy in Southern Bohemia and from other natural ingredients – 72% Peru chocolate, Madagascar vanilla beans, pistachio nuts from the Sicilian town of Bronte, Piemonte hazelnuts, … Our ice cream is completely organic, its taste and smell intense, with no chemical additives or artificial colouring. Our traditional range of ice cream includes: chocolate, vanilla, stracciatella, hazelnut, pistachio nuts, coffee, yoghurt, … and every month a new flavour you can look forward to.


Sorbets are made from seasonal fruit: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, blackcurrant, apples, pears, plums, apricots, peaches, cherries, sour cherries, mango, coconut, … but also from vegetables: pumpkin, asparagus, rhubarb, nettle, courgette, carrot, cucumber, tomato, … and from herbs: peppermint, great basil, … In the summer, when fruits ripen you can treat yourself to a low-calorie dessert with more vitamins. We change our seasonal flavours periodically, and last but not least, they’re gluten-free & vegan friendly.


For all of you who are not afraid of original, slightly crazy ideas of tasting a bit of everything that can be possibly tasted, we have unique flavours: parmesan, pumpkin, rice, rhubarb, black elder, avocado, olive, lavender, nettle, … Come and play along!


There is a reason why almonds are called the queen among nuts. They taste the best as marzipan.
There are two kinds of almond – bitter and sweet. Bitter almonds have a higher content of amygdalin, a substance responsible for the bitter taste. The almond tree thrives in hot weather and the best sweet almonds come from Sicily. For our ice cream, we use the famous Sicilian almonds from Avola, which taste delicate and sweet – in short, they taste like almond. The more we put in, the better the ice cream tastes.
There’s never enough of nice sweet things!
Viva la Sicilia!

Apple caramel

Fior di latte and a bunch of nice and caramelised apples with a pinch of grated cinnamon will make your autumn as sweet as nothing else on Earth. Our á la Tarte Tatin ice-cream is fresh and fruity, yet aromatic, smelling of lovely sweet caramel.
The great apple-caramel blend is, always has been and always will be IN.
Enjoy your sweet meal!


Bacio (Italian for kiss) is a bit of a soft spot for all of us at Angelato’s.
Great ice cream made from Perú 72% dark chocolate (made from Fino de Aroma Peruvian cocoa beans, 100% cocoa butter and natural vanilla), Piemonte I.G.P. hazelnuts and fresh full-fat milk. To prepare the ice cream, we use only the highest-quality hazelnuts grown exclusively in the Piemonte I.G.P. region, which have an excellent taste, have loads of beneficial effects and contain vitamins E and B, copper, magnesium, fibre and healthy fats.
A simple recipe and a long-lasting enchantment which stays with you long after you savour the last mouthful.


Are you crazy about bananas?
Fresh full-fat milk and natural sweet cream from squashed bananas with a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice – that’s a portion full of energy.
Banana is one of the healthiest energy sources: it contains three natural sugars – sucrose, fructose and glucose. As a bonus, it comes with a bit of serotonin, also known as the happiness hormone. Besides that, it is an important source of fibre, potassium and vitamin B6.
If you feel a bit down – go banana!
Roll, bananas, roll!

Cassata Siciliana

Italian ricotta cheese mixed with grated orange zest, bits of chocolate, bitter almonds and cut pieces of candied fruit – that’s Baroque Sicilian Cassata. Its rich taste is nice and balanced. Ricotta is a delicious, very delicate cheese made from whey: low fat but rich in fibre.
Cassata is definitely the most famous Sicilian sweet of Arabian origin, well-known all around the world.
If you fancy some ricotta, off you go to have a couple of mouthfuls at Angelato’s.


Chestnuts ripen in October and autumn undoubtedly tastes like them.
Not only are they tasty, but they’re also very healthy. There’s only a tiny amount of fat and they’re rich in minerals. And, last but not least, they’re suitable for those on a gluten-free diet.
Cooked and shelled chestnuts, mixed into a smooth purée, fior di latte, a few drops of rum and a vanilla pod – this is the delicate, nutty-like and slightly sweet taste of Angelato’s autumn kitchen.
Chestnut ice-cream tastes best with cream. You won’t be able to resist!

Chilli chocolate

There’s no doubt great chocolate and chilli peppers go hand in hand. The intense cocoa taste and sharp chilli tones make an excellent couple.
Perú 72% dark chocolate (made from Fino de Aroma Peruvian cocoa beans, 100% cocoa butter and natural vanilla), fresh full-fat milk and chilli peppers – that’s Angelato’s creamy delight.
There are hundreds of chilli pepper varieties all around the world (Serrano, Habanero, Chipotle, Jalapeňo, …) all containing fibre, vitamin C and iron. Besides which, chilli works as an aphrodisiac!
The superb taste of chilli ice cream is definitely not for weak and timid souls.
That’s for sure.


Perú 72% dark chocolate (made from Fino de Aroma Peruvian cocoa beans, 100% cocoa butter and natural vanilla) and fresh full-fat milk – that’s Angelato’s chocolate ice cream. Its delicate and smooth consistancy will literally make it melt on your tongue.
Don’t be afraid of high-quality chocolate! It’s an invaluable source of energy and contains a lot of minerals: iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. Its intense taste combined with the right balance of dark and sweet chocolate tones is just perfect.

Chocolate with cinnamon

Perú 72% dark chocolate (made from Fino de Aroma Peruvian cocoa beans, 100% cocoa butter and natural vanilla), fresh full-fat milk and Ceylon cinnamon.
Real Ceylon cinnamon grows in Sri Lanka, it’s light brown and the sticks are about one centimetre thick. Its look is velvety, its touch fragile and it cannot compare to the commonly sold cinnamon grown in China and Vietnam.
Cinnamon bark is processed from cinnamon tree branches manually; dried and rolled into cylindrical sticks, which get filled with other, smaller pieces. Its refreshing smell will make you feel warm and relaxed.
You’ll love the unmistakable taste of this ice cream, and you’ll never have enough!

Chocolate with orange

Perú 72% dark chocolate (made from Fino de Aroma Peruvian cocoa beans, 100% cocoa butter and natural vanilla), fresh full-fat milk, orange pieces and organic orange zest, is a unique blend combining fruit and chocolate tones.
Fresh, delicate and with a fine aroma: an extraordinary taste.


As opposed to other kinds of cinnamon with a rich and pungent aroma, the true Ceylon cinnamon is sweet and smooth – its taste is irresistible.
How do you recognize the true cinnamon?
The true Ceylon cinnamon grows in Sri Lanka, it’s light brown, its sticks are about one centimetre thick, and thanks to its velvet look and fragile composition there is no comparison between this one and the commonly sold cinnamon grown in China and Vietnam.
Cinnamon bark is extracted from the stick manually, and when the bark pieces get dry and rounded, they get filled with other, smaller pieces.
That’s all we have to say, it’s amazing.


Coffee has been drunk in Europe for centuries and there are many supporters as well as opponents. And what about you? Do you paint coffee black or do you adore it?
It smells beautiful and tastes even better. Strong, black and bitter.
Fior di latte with Arabica coffee is neither ordinary white coffee, nor caffe latte, but ice cream with a distinct taste of strong coffee.
Enjoy coffee ice cream whenever you feel like it. Make it your habit that will fill you with energy for every new day.


Homemade cookies have always been one of our favourite snacks. The traditional cookie recipe contains flour, sugar, eggs, butter, chocolate and a pinch of ginger. The key to success is in the butter consistency, if you use it the right way, the cookie should be chewy but soft inside.
We like our cookies in ice cream as well. It is a yummy combination of cookies, chocolate and ice cream- there is literally nothing to complain about! If you are also a cookie lover, do try the ice cream version too. Bon apetit!


Perú 72% dark chocolate (made from Fino de Aroma Peruvian cocoa beans, 100% cocoa butter and natural vanilla) with 30 % Piemonte I.G.P. hazelnuts and fresh full-fat milk – that’s gianduja, alias nougat ice cream.
If you had to pick, would it be nuts or chocolate? Both!


The highest-quality hazelnuts, grown exclusively in the Piemonte I.G.P. region, and fresh full-fat milk – that’s Angelato’s hazelnut treat.
It tastes delicious, has loads of beneficial effects and contains vitamins E and B, copper, magnesium, fibre and healthy fats.
Taste it once and you will never want anything else!
A great tip for recharging your batteries!


Liquorice is a dark and mysterious root of love and passion. Its intense and bitter flavor is almost unbearable for some, yet others seek it out.
How about liquorice ice-cream?
‘Sweetwood’ is characterized by its strong, distinctive, sweet taste that will make you feel all warm, but do be careful with the dosage! How do you balance the sweet taste? With Sichuan pepper, cloves or ginger? With everything… just right. And we mustn’t forget to add a bit of sugarcane, fresh milk and cream.
Gee, can you feel the awesome, discreet, natural scent?
Give liquorice a try. Yummy!


Fresh milk, a teaspoon of Malaga and a handful of raisins; blend it all together and you have our new Malaga flavor! Malaga, a fortified dessert wine named after the Spanish city of Malaga is produced from overripe grapes. The natural carmel mahogany sweetness of raisins added to the mixture bring a delicate flavor to the ice cream and highlight the Malaga wine. This playful, fragrant and pleasant ice cream flavor offers true goodness that you will wish to taste again and again.


Peppermint (Mentha piperita in Latin), also known as ‘the world’s oldest medicine’, was an indispensable ingredient in our ancestors’ kitchens.
Why has peppermint, one of the oldest medicinal and aromatic plants, proven to be so popular?
The taste of peppermint, whose leaves contain essential oils with menthol, is so distinct you can’t mistake it.
Besides which, the plant enhances your mood and reduces stress, so off you go to have some peppermint ice cream!
Mmmmm, can you smell it…?
For real connoisseurs there is a chocolate version if peppermint alone is not enough.


They say the pistachios from Bronte, Sicily are among the best in the world. They grow on lava and stones which make it impossible to grow anything else.
The tiny, emerald green seeds covered by violet, velvet skin are just cool. We buy the world-famous pistachios directly from farmers who grow them naturally according to their traditionals and pass on their experience from generation to generation.
Pistachio nuts are a reservoir of health: they contain iron and are very rich in potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. If you feel you have no energy left, pistachio ice cream will give you enough for another day.

Poppy seeds

What would pastries, cakes or dumplings be without poppy seeds? And what would ice cream be without it?
Mmm, the creamy fine taste of poppy seeds…
Poppy seeds are a significant source of calcium and vitamin D, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids; they also contain vitamins and minerals: potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron, as well as a very beneficial antioxidant-vitamin E.
For all poppy seed-lovers!

Salty caramel

Caramel, ideally salty – it’s a brand new idea for some people, an old friend for others. If you’re looking for something a little provocative, the combination of the sweet and the salty will captivate you.
Soft cream, sweet caramel, all tweaked by a pinch of sea salt – this is Angelato’s extravagant flavour. It’s not just ordinary caramel with a slightly bitter taste. What you get is sea salt flakes, which suppress the caramel sweetness a bit and all of a sudden makes the taste simply heavenly.

Sour cherry

Farm milk, cream and sour cherries – an awesome sour-sweet taste, always refreshing.
Sour cherries contain a lot of iodine, vitamins C, E and B, carotene, iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and calcium.
Angelato goes wild about sour cherries. Let’s save some summer for winter nights.


Farm milk, cream, chocolate chips and a vanilla pod – an Italian tradition you can’t ignore.
There is no substitute for fresh milk with live substances, good for your body. Natural fat (a source of important vitamins A, D, E, K) is the best and most expensive thing you can possibly find in milk. Such milk doesn’t contain just water, fibre and minerals, but also lactobacilla which boost our health and immune system.
A fine, creamy taste, and what’s more, chocolate! Chocolate is a sin you simply can’t resist.
That’s Italy. Nothing more, nothing less. Let’s go stracciatella!


The original recipe was created in Venice as long ago as in the Italian Renaissance. The secret of the taste lies in the fresh cheese of mascarpone and the Marsala wine adds a touch of the right Italian style. The fine mascarpone originally comes from Lombardy, Italy, and is made by warming a mixture of cream and milk and precipitation thanks to tartaric acid. It’s not hard to fall in love with the creamy taste of mascarpone.
The velvety consistence of tiramisu ice cream will boost your mood, just like the name promises. The word speaks for itself. It’s a dessert with capital D.


One of the most popular, and, apart from saffron, the most expensive spice in the world. And where does the secret of vanilla ice cream lie? In fresh and natural ingredients! You can’t mistake the sweet taste of nice-smelling, delicate Madagascar vanilla pods. The most precious part of a vanilla pod is the content, that is to say the pulp, consisting of tiny black seeds. The taste and aroma of true, natural vanilla just cannot compare to synthetic vanillin.
What does true vanilla taste like?
Like true vanilla!


Full-fat milk and Czech walnuts – a rich taste we’ve fallen in love with.
The fruits of the walnut tree are not only tasty, but also extraordinarily healthy. What is it that makes walnuts so awesome? Up to 70 % of the nut consists of omega-3 fatty acids, nutritionally valuable and extremely healthy. Walnuts are also a rich source of vitamins E, B1 and B6, folic acid and minerals (magnesium and zinc). What’s more, they have antioxidant health benefits.
A Czech classic you can’t do without at Angelato’s.


We make our yoghurt ourselves daily, using fresh full-fat pasteurized milk and real live milk cultures lactobacillus bulgaricus. Boil milk, cool down, add live culture and wait. That’s it. It’s more easily digested than milk, it contains fibre and calcium and is a source of vitamin B.
A healthy, refreshing and low calorie delicacy for all of you who want to keep your ice cream passion on a leash for a while. It’s a delight!


Czech apples (Bohemia, Ruby, …) from well-known farmers, lemon, water and sugar – that’s Angelato’s ordinary, yet extraordinary sorbet.
Very juicy, sweet-smelling (and tasting) and aromatic apples of cream colours and delicate consistency are an important source of energy, minerals and vitamins. They boost both your immunity and your mood.
Carefully washed with inedible parts (stalk, core and seeds) removed, with a few drops of lemon juice, mixed until smooth, … That’s our simple, yet outstandingly refreshing classic you’ll love.
The apple was, is and always will be IN.


Apricots of orange, hard and juicy pulp contain beta-Carotene, provitamin A, group B vitamins, pantothenic acid (which will boost your vitality and reduce fat) and a lot of potassium. They’re also rich in micronutrients such as manganese, fluorine, cobalt and boron. The sorbet is made from fresh apricots, water and sugar. Ripe, orange fruits get washed by hand and mixed into a smooth cream.
Enjoy the summer with us the way you like it!

Black currant

The specific, intensely aromatic spicy taste of this noble berry might be too sour or savoury for some people. Yet blackcurrant skin contains a lot of pectins and I’m sure you won’t mind the seeds, either. A mere 40 blackcurrant berries is all you need for your day’s intake of vitamin C.
The summer invites you to go blackcurrant-wild.
Enjoy your sorbet and summer!


In the forest, you can discover the first ripe blackberries. In gardens, you can find cultivated varieties, usually with bigger fruits and no thorns. The dark-violet berries treasure loads of minerals and vitamins – C, B, E and K. They also contain tannins, pectin and fibre. The darker the colour, the more of these they contain. Fresh blackberries can refresh you, boost your immunity and support organism detox.

Blackberries are simply a gem. Enjoy!


Although being tiny, blueberries contain more antioxidants than any other fruit. You can tell when your mouth gets nice and blue after you’ve had just a couple of berries. They also contain lots of vitamin C, folic acid, manganese, potassium and other beneficial substances!
So off you go to get some blueberries!
This is what August tastes like!


Carrot, originally purple on the outside and yellow on the inside, travelled to Europe from south Asia in the 12th century and in the 17th century orange carrots were cultivated in Holland. These are nowadays grown throughout the whole world.

The carrot queen is so juicy, so healthy, so orange… It definitely deserves its fame also as a depository of vitamin A and beta-Carrotene. In the kitchen of Angelato, the tender carrot is spiced up by a bit of fresh ginger, a few drops of lemon and instead of ordinary carrot we now have – extraordinarily tasty ice-cream… Yum!


Have you ever worn ‘cherry earrings’? They taste the best when freshly picked. Sweet and crispy, refreshing and healthy. What’s more, they’re also rich in vitamins. Literally full of antioxidants, cherries contain a lot of iodine, iron, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. They will help you excrete toxic and harmful substances. Remove the seeds, mix the cherries into a cream and add balsamic vinegar – can you smell it now? That’s Angelato’s cherry sorbet. A sweet summer breeze, a temptation you won’t be able to resist.
Don’t wait too long, or they’ll be gone until next year!


Coconut milk, water, sugar and grated coconut – an exotic sorbet popular with those who can’t drink animal milk or are lactose-intolerant. Coconut milk contains water, carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, fibre, iron, magnesium, selenium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, folic acid, pantothenic acid and vitamins B, C, E and K.
You’ll fall in love with its light, delicious taste. No doubt it will impress all coconut gourmets.
Highly recommended!

Dark chocolate

Our sorbet from Perú 72% dark chocolate, made from Fino de Aroma Peruvian cocoa beans (Fine de Aroma cocoa comes from the Criollo and Trinitario varieties), is made specifically for lovers of strong chocolate with a rich, dark taste.
Do you adore the tempting taste of chocolate?
There is always at least one of the many faces of chocolate you can’t resist. Creamy soft. Sinfully tempting. Or devilishly dark. It’s delicate and inspiring.


Old varieties’ renaissance is Angelato’s great hit. The small, aromatic and pleasantly sour berries are an abundant source of vitamins C, A and B, and they’re also rich in minerals, especially iron, phosphorus and calcium.
Ripe, yet still hard gooseberries without stalk and blossom residue, smoothly mixed including the skin and seeds – that’s a magnificent gooseberry sorbet. The juice might not be colourful, but its sweet-sour-bitter taste will stay with you ‘forever’! Refreshing gooseberry simply means the summer!
Stop pulling faces and add gooseberry to your ‘must-taste’ list.


Hard and round fruit with a yellow, sometimes pinkish skin. What makes grapefruit taste so specific is a substance called naringin, which cleans your organism. The more bitter a grapefruit is, the more vitamin C it contains. The sorbet combines freshly squeezed pink-pulp grapefruit juice with lemon juice, water and sugar.
Have no fear, have grapefruit sorbet!


Kiwi is excellent when fresh! A true vitamin bomb, you’ll feel like you’re eating real kiwi. It contains fibre, and is extremely rich in potassium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus, vitamins D, B1, A and B2, riboflavin. What’s more, antioxidants found in kiwi can help you cope with stress.
It’s great when combined with dark chocolate.


Lemon is a typical Southern fruit with white or pinkish intensely fragrant flowers. The fruit is called a lemon, a large yellow berry with rough skin and extremely sour pulp, rich in vitamins C and P. The smaller and heavier the fruit, the juicier the lemon. Lemon juice with water and sugar makes the basis of a sorbet which will fill you up with vitamin C.
Ideal for hot summer days!


Angelato’s delicacy, a tropical taste of exotic fruit with the most intense of colours will get you loads of energy. Originally it comes from India, where it’s still grown today. We use an Indian mango called Alfonso from the region of Maharashtra, well-known for its specific taste, colour and smell. In the pulp you can find group A vitamins, beta-Carotene, vitamins C, E and B. Besides which, it also contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and iron. It can also help with your reduction diet, as it is rich in fibre.
Start your day with a vitamin bomb!


The yellow-orange fruit with tender and juicy pulp contains almost 80% water and is rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium. It’s also a very important source of vitamin C, flavonoids and limonoids, which make it anti-inflammatory and antioxidising. Great-tasting and nutritious, orange is perfection that lies in simplicity.
Juice squeezed out of washed oranges, lemon, water and sugar – that’s a fresh portion of immunity and good mood.


It’s peach time! Sweet-smelling, juicy, colourful, velvety, … both hairy and bald balls… They will remind you of your childhood. What you make using peaches can be nothing but sweet. Raw peaches should be eaten with the skin, as it contains most of the vitamin A, B, C and E, potassium, magnesium and fibre.
The utterly perfect yet simple peach sorbet combined with yoghurt will make you fall in love with it.


Solanka, Muškatelka, Clapp’s favourite, Bosc pear, Williams pear, Madame Verte, Parisian pear, Fair Maid, … they remind you of the good old days. The juicy yet low energy density fruit’s smell is truly appealing and it boosts your immune system as well.
How can you use pears? To make dried fruit, brandy, frgal cakes or ice cream! Just add caramelised sage or white wine and your pear sorbet will immediately turn into an exotic delicacy that will appeal to multiple senses.


Pineapple (in Latin Ananas comosus, meaning ‘very fragrant fruit’) is the fruit of a tropical plant of the Bromeliaceae family with a typical stocky stem ending in tough, waxy leaves. What does its magic lie in, though? A ripe pineapple contains a lot of vitamins C, B1 and B6 as well as folic acid. As for minerals, it is rich in manganese, copper, potassium, magnesium and iron. It has excellent detox effects.
Are you keen on pineapple? The sweet exotic taste will work like a charm.


Sweet, aromatic, bitter, a little sour, … Plum/prune, slíva/šljiva, alias kadlátko/karlátko in Czech, likes hot and sunny weather and smells like home. The person to start growing plums in Czech lands was Charles IV, hence the Czech name karlátka (Charles = Karel). Plums are slightly diuretic, cleansing and detoxicating.
Czech plums (Opal and de Althan) from well-known farmers, lemon, water and sugar – that’s Angelato’s ordinary, yet extraordinary sorbet.
You’re bound to be fascinated by the secret of our lila-indigo alchemy. Join us and enjoy!


There’s no other raspberry sorbet like Angelato’s. What we use to make it are world-renowned Serbian raspberries, specific in taste and smell. They’re extremely rich in fibre, and also contain calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamins C and K and a lot of antioxidants – ellagic acid.
If you feel like having raspberry sorbet, pop into Angelato now.
Raspberry is our summer favourite!

Sour cherry

Farm milk, cream and sour cherries – an awesome sour-sweet taste, always refreshing.
Sour cherries contain a lot of iodine, vitamins C, E and B, carotene, iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and calcium.
Angelato goes wild about sour cherries. Let’s save some summer for winter nights.


Strawberries – magical in any form! Do you look forward to the first local strawberries every year? There’s nothing like June’s fresh strawberries. Can you smell them? We absolutely adore the juicy and sweet fruit, eaten on sunny days. At Angelato, we can never get enough of them. Besides, compared to other kinds of fruit, the low energy density fruit contains little sugar. They’re rich in vitamins C, A, B and E. Unfortunately, you can get the really good ones only for a very short time. Get the luxury right now!
Happy strawberry season!


Tangerines are a great source of vitamins, fibre and antioxidants: immunity-boosting substances. Many of us will prefer them to oranges or grapefruits. Use only really fresh and ripe fruit with thin skin that peels easily, though. Wash the fruit carefully with cold water, squeeze and add lemon, water and sugar. Here comes an aromatic, delicious, sweet and refreshing sorbet.
We simply have something for everyone…!

Yellow melon

Yellow melon is not just a great addition to Parma prosciutto, salmon steak or cheese. Angelato’s melon sorbet with mint leaves will quench your thirst in the hot weather. The pulp is rich in vitamin A and also B vitamins (B1, B2, PP or P), vitamin C or some mineral substances. The sweet and juicy melon with its irresistibly good smell will provide exactly the refreshment you need when it’s hot and sunny as well as a good intake of fluids for your body.
Fill your cone up with all the summer tastes and colours!


Asparagus…the vegetable of gourmands…it was a favorite of the ancient Cihine and Egyptians, the Greeks and Romans. Men have loved it as a well-known aphrodisiac, and it has charmed women as a natural elixer of youth.

Angelato loves it for it’s delicate, noble flavor. It’s most flavorful fresh and slightly crisp. Try something new with us – aparagus, as you’ve probably never had it before!


Puréed avocado, lemon juice with fresh milk and cream – that’s a luxurious Angelato gelato. We simply love its buttery-nutty flavor, rich green color and velvety texture.

Back in the times of the Aztecs it was used as an aphrodisiac, Spaniards called it „aguacate“ which the British changed to avocado. You can eat it savory or sweet, and what’s more, it’s very healthy. Fresh avocado contains vitamin E, A, C and has more iron than any other vegetable.

So put a little exotica into your menu! Hooray for the „alligator pear!“


The dark red, borderline purple beetroot comes from the Mediterranean and our ancestors already knew it, grew it and ate it in antiquity. Out of this nowadays slightly underrated and completely common vegetable miracles can be made at Angelato.

Feel like something delicious as well as healthy? This sorbet made of fresh beetroot juice with balsamic vinegar and lemon is perfect for both little and big beetroot lovers. And if you belong rather among the “beetroot-sceptics”, try giving it another chance and you might perhaps be more than pleasantly surprised.

Black Coconut Ash

Do you fancy black ice cream?
We’ve gone black mad! Coconut lovers will most certainly have the time of their lives. Not to mention vegetarians, vegans, people with lactose intolerance or health freaks …
Coconut milk, coconut ash, water and sugar – that’s Angelato’s magic black coconut sorbet.

Back on black!

Bluberry Cheesecake

Tender sweet cream cheese with blueberries is an Angelato delicacy even for little ones. It is sure to please anyone who has a tooth for sweet cheese.

Sweet cheese contains valuable milk proteins, the A and B vitamins. It is also a rich source of calcium and amino acids, which are important for your organism. If you want to gain some missing energy and to boost your immunity system, blueberries are an excellent choice.

Angelato wishes you a healthy step into a new day.

Cucumber Mojito

When you long for something fresh, take a dip into a cucumber mojito. Cucumber, lime and lemon juice, fresh mint, turbinado sugar and just a pinch of salt – all this will make you want to eat up every bit of your greens. It’s up to you whether you choose virgin or with white rum.

We’re preparing last year’s April discovery for you this year too, in combination with the classic, which never grows old – Angelato’s Cucumber Mojito. We’re pointing the way.

Date & ginger

Datle, date, datte, dattero, dattier, balah…
Why don’t you try our date ice cream with ginger?
You have nothing to reproach it for. It’s satiating, it’s warm, and you’ll get blown away by its simplicity and its sophisticated combination of tastes, softened by coconut milk.
Our personal favourite is fresh Iranian dates with no preservatives whatsoever! You’ll love their juicy, honey-caramel taste! What’s more, they’re nice and soft, literally melting in your mouth!
Simply heavenly ice cream!
Bonus: suitable for vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free diets.


Elder, elderflower, elderberry, black elder, … It’s almost everywhere. Nature is inspiring, and it always gives us the best.
Elderflower ice-cream is a must in the Angelato kitchen! We can’t make do without it for a single year.
Boil water, let it cool down and put some elderflower in it (pick when it’s dry and cut it right below the flowers). The more flowers, the better. Add some lemon slices and let it infuse for 24 hours. Then strain it through a piece of thin cloth and add some dissolved sugar. Can you smell the ice-cream? That’s the delicious, yellow pollen.
Oh, the heady smell…Join us and go elderberry!


Once upon a time there was a rhizome… Rhizomes of ginger have been used in Southeast Asia from time immemorial. Imported into Europe by the Greeks and the Romans, ginger has been used as a spice also in our country since the 13 th century.
Essential oils, ethereal oils and the pungently spicy gingerol provide it with the typical taste and aroma.
Fior di latte and grated fresh juicy ginger – that's the mysterious Angelato elixir. It will surprise you with its creamy, velvety texture and a subtly spicy taste.
If you are, just like us in Angelato, the “ginger type”, bon appétit!

Ginger & Cardamom

If you add a pinch of crushed seeds of the rare and nice-smelling cardamom, ginger ice-cream immediately adopts a brand new look. You’re going to love it!
Some people despise ginger’s spiciness, some adore it.
Cardamom comes from the ginger family. Its taste is aromatic, a bit spicy, yet fresh, resembling eucalyptus a bit.
Buy only fresh ginger. Peel it and cut into thin slices. Crush the cardamom seeds, add them to fior di latte, put everything into an ice-cream maker and then do nothing but put the ice-cream on the tip of your tongue and let it melt.
You simply can’t find any fault with it.

Gingerbread gelato

It smells of Christmas…Gingerbread gelato is an Angelato´s treat which will surprise both big and small. It´s got a rich, creamy flavor full of gingerbread,honey and nuts.
Have a magical and flavorful Christmas!

Hokkaido Pumpkin

Hokkaido pumpkin has recently become a top delicacy among lovers of food. It has a slightly sweet taste and is very nutrious as it contains vitamins C, A, E and B, which also eliminate toxins from the body. It tastes delicious and is nutrionally very valuable.

Here at Angelato we are in love with its natural sweetness, orange color and aromatic fragrance. Whoever likes pumpkins has come to the right place as we have worked our magic and created a hokkaido pumpkin treat just for you!

Enjoy your scoop of hokkaido pumpkin!


Have you ever tasted lavender ice cream? Because you will literally fall in love with it!
The secret behind this mysterious flavor is the classic flower, gathered lovingly by hand in June from the famous wild lavender that grows on the island of Hvar in Croatia. We add just a touch to our ice cream, filling it with the scent of summer.
The intoxicating, piercing smell of local lavender is a result of the fresh sea air as well as the rich supply of sunlight, which no other lavender in the word gets. Lavender is harvested here manually at the time of bloom, in the first half of the summer, since machinery can’t get to the higher-situated fields.
Can you smell it? That’s lavender beauty!

Mascarpone & Strawberry

Mascarpone with strawberries is an Italian favorite, every strawberry season. The creamy dessert cheese complemented by strawberries is the ideal sweet point of summer with something a little extra. It barely has time to melt in your mouth before you want another.

Mascarpone & Wild Fig

The sycamore fig tree is one of the most ancient cultivated plants, and the Greeks believed that it had been given to them by the Goddess Demeter. It was also a favorite fruit of Cleopatra.

Delicate, creamy macarpone divinely complements the flavor of wild fig – to which we have added the Italian dessert wine Marsala and a handful of fresh mint. At Angelato, imagination has no limits.

Let it be delicious!


Angelato’s Mojito is a tasty, fragrant and clear flavor with a bit of sweetness and a bit of bite. It is made from an original recipe based on the famous cocktail. A handful of freshly picked mint leaves give its freshness and aroma, the sourness of the limejuice is smoothed down by cane sugar and power is provided by white rum.

Does this refreshing sorbet remind you of the famous Cuban mojito? In that case you are on the highway to sunny Havana!


Nettle, big string nettle, common nettle, stinging nettle, …
Do you love nettle soup, noodles, ravioli, gnocchi, …? And what about ice-cream from fresh, young nettles?
Poach the nettles for a while (i.e. cook them submerged in hot water) and strain them. This is usually done at a temperature of 80°C. Poached, the nettles will retain their nutrients as well as their original taste. Don’t make the ice-cream purely from nettles, it’s too ‘nettley’. So add some lemon juice and olive oil or home-made yoghurt. Nettle has a very distinct taste and just a little will do.
Go, nettles, go!

Olive Oil Gelato

For hundreds of years olive oil has been an organic part of Mediterranian cooking. Extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil is made from the first pressing of freshly harvested olives, and doesn’t go through any chemical treatment, so it gives this ice-cream a perfectly balanced flavor and lightness.

Along with some fresh basil, hand-picked wild rosemary and a little Adriatic salt, it will give you the feeling of your taste-buds carrying you away to the coast…

Come and experience a fairytale Angelato journey with us…

Parmesan & Nut

Parmesan….yumm! Angleto complements its flavor perfectly with walnuts; and a real gourmet couldn’t live without parmesan gelato.

The ancient Romans knew this piquant cheese, and in his famous book, The Decameron,
Boccaccio wrote of the lucky few who lived on a mountain of grated parmesan. The king of Italian cheeses has a unique content, light yellow color, a grainy texture and its fragrance with „increasing age“ only becomes more aromatic.

Parmesan – it’s a passion.

Poppy Seeds & Plum

The fine seed of the poppy and the sweet, distinctly aromatic flavor of plums in poppy seed ice cream will evoke memories of summers at Grandma’s. If you like classic recipes with a new twist; be inspired.

It’s a “little” something extra. Simply heavenly ice cream.

Rice pudding with milk

Are you a ‘porridge-lover’? Are you crazy about rice porridge or velvety rice pudding? If you want to treat yourself to a nice big portion of breakfast porridge, why don’t you try a nice big portion of rice ice cream?
Its basis is rice pudding with milk to which we add a double dose of cream in order to make it as creamy as possible. Further, we add a bit of Ceylon cinnamon and a vanilla bean…. and to top it all off we add a pinch of nutmeg. Rice is a common ingredient, delicious on its own, easily digestible, gluten-free and low in calories. You can therefore enjoy rice ice-cream every day!
Join the Angelato rice-lovers!


Striking color and sharply tart flavor – that’s rhubarb. It seems like a fruit, but in reality it’s an unassuming vegetable originally from Tibet. Although it was grown throughout Europe at the beginning of the modern age, it didn’t become famous around the world until the eighteenth century. And then, Rheum barbarem, rhubarb or pie plant got into the gourmet’s dictionary. You either love it or you hate it.

We love it sweet, in gelato. It’s become a favorite ingredient in Angelato’s spring kitchen. Taste the fresh stalks, lightly cooked, with sugar and orange peel, and you will smile sweetly.


Spinach is a kind of leaf vegetable that often divides people into two irreconcilable groups: you either love it or loathe it. Having said that, spinach is universal, tasty and good for you. It contains more than 88 % water as well as a number of vitamins (B and C groups, traces of E and K). It’s also rich in iron, sodium, potassium and magnesium.
What can you do with spinach? Use it in salads, soups, risotto or pasta dishes. There are millions of ways to prepare it. So why not spinach ice cream?
Out of mixed raw spinach, milk, cream and a few drops of lemon juice, here comes an unusual vegetable ice cream. Discover a delicacy you have probably never tasted before. Enjoy your spinach!

Strawberry & Balsamico

Freshly ripened juicy strawberries, dipped for a moment in balsamic vinegar, along with a pinch of ground pepper and fresh basil – that is the sumptuous new sorbet from Angelato

Balsamico di Modena, the vinegar virtuoso, which only reaches it’s perfect flavor after ripening a few years in barrels, freshens and enhances the taste of this sweet-scented sorbet. It’s a devilish treatment, which thanks to the pepper, has just a gentle hint of spiciness to it, and will suprise not only the gourmet, but even the explorer of new flavors.

Oh, believe us, it’s flawless!


pasteurized fresh milk and cream (from a family-run dairy from Southern Bohemia)
carob powder


seasonal fruit
vitamin C
carob powder

...and also:

vanilla beans (Madagascar)
Avola almonds (DOP Sicily, Italy)
Bronte pistachio nuts (DOP Sicily, Italy), Iran
Tonda Gentile hazelnuts (IGP Piemonte, Italy)
walnuts (CZ, Slovakia)
72% chocolate (Peru)
liquorice (Calabria, Italy)
cinnamon (Ceylon)
poppy (CZ)
seasonal farm fruit: apples, pears, plums, strawberries, cherries, peaches, apricots, blackcurrants, blueberries, gooseberries (CZ)
raspberries, sour cherries, blackberries (Serbia)
Alfonso mango (India)
lavender (the isle of Hvar, Croatia)
seasonal farm vegetables: pumpkin, asparagus, rhubarb, nettle, courgette, carrot, cucumber, tomato (CZ)
seasonal herbs: peppermint, great basil (CZ)
bio cottage cheese (from a family-run dairy from Southern Bohemia)
Mascarpone fresh cheese (Italy)
Riccota fresh cheese (Italy)
Parmigiano-Reggiano Parmesan cheese (Italy)
gorgonzola cheese (Italy)
Bronte extra virgin olive oil (DOP Sicily, Italy)
coconut milk (Vietnam)
pasteurized egg yolk
Maldon salt (UK)

We serve ice cream with a spatula into a cone or a cup. Our ample scoops always have at least 90 g in a single portion.
Do you follow gluten-free or celiac disease diet? We offer gluten-free cones, packed separately.
Do you fancy a take-away you could eat at home or give as a present?
Are you expecting visitors?
If you’re not quite sure about your dessert yet, you can combine different flavours as you like.
We at Angelato are ready to help you.
We will be happy to pack your ice cream in an icebox to go. You can choose either 0.5 l or 1 l.