01. Oct

Dark & Chic Chocolate

The first followers of God on behalf of chocolate were the ancient peoples, the Mayan and the Aztecs, who prepared and consumed a beverage made from cocoa, mixed with water or wine. Vanilla, cinnamon, red pepper, honey, and even chili were often added.

According to an Aztec legend cacao brought from heaven rays of the morning star to their god Quetzalcoatl; the Aztec people then brought cacao every year to honor the human sacrifices for this gift from the sky. The last meal for the victims was only cocoa. I don’t know for what reason my mother gave cocoa every night!

In 1527 Hernando Cortés brought the recipe and ingredients for hot chocolate to the world – chocolate unleashed a frenzy that spread throughout France and Europe, a frenzy that continues to this day.

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Does chocolate send you into a frenzy? Do you adore the luscious taste of chocolate? Chocolate has many faces, there is always one that we can not resist. Creamy soft. Sinfully seductive and devilishly dark. It is delicate and inspiring.

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One of those faces that you might enjoy is chocolate sorbet. What makes chocolate sorbet sorbet is nothing but chocolate, from which it is produced. I recommend dark chocolate, which contains min. 60% cocoa.
So let’s play and release our imagination! Today things will be simple again: chocolate, chocolate and chocolate again! No powder can replace it and nothing else belongs there. The tongue can lie but cannot be deceived. If only it could be done without it… dark&chic!

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Simply. Angelato