13. Nov

How about date ice cream with ginger?

It’s about time we enjoyed such a lovely November!
How about choosing something simple, yet perfect?
Datle, date, datte, dattero, dattier, balah…
Why don’t you try our date ice cream with ginger?
You have nothing to reproach it for. It’s satiating, it’s warm, and you’ll get blown away by its simplicity and its sophisticated combination of tastes, softened by coconut milk.


Let’s start from scratch – how do you choose dates?
Dates are grown in many varieties, coming in either yellow, orange or black. They are eaten both fresh and dried and are picked from September to the end of November. The new harvest is always soft and juicy.
What you usually get here are dried dates, the most popular variety being ‘Deglet noor’. However, my personal favourite is Medjool: fresh Iranian dates with no preservatives whatsoever! You’ll love their juicy, honey-caramel taste! What’s more, they’re nice and soft, literally melting in your mouth!
Simply heavenly ice cream!

Bonus: suitable for vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free diets.

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