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Cinnamon – what else?

Cinnamon? But that’s supposed to be only for strudel, right?
Just with apples, or can you think of anything else?
I never liked it on its own, but now I put it in everything and I can’t get enough of it! As opposed to other kinds of cinnamon with a rich and pungent aroma, the true Ceylon cinnamon is sweet and smooth – its taste is irresistible: once it gets hold of you, it won’t ever let you go.
To put it simply, not all cinnamon will do.

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How do you recognize the true cinnamon?
The true Ceylon cinnamon grows in Sri Lanka, it’s light brown, its sticks are about one centimetre thick, and thanks to its velvet look and fragile composition there is no comparison between this one and the commonly sold cinnamon grown in China and Vietnam which is more properly called cassia.
Cinnamon bark is extracted from the stick manually, and when the bark pieces get dry and rounded, they get filled with other, smaller pieces.
And cinnamon ice-cream?
The preparation is very simple, as the trick lies in using only the true Ceylon cinnamon. Forget cheap substitutes and the result is a divine cinnamon ice-cream. That’s all we have to say, it’s amazing.

Enjoy your sweet-smelling cinnamon day as a couple and see what happens next. Let us know if you liked it!

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