14. Jul

Blackcurrant sorbet – a violet yum yum!

Blackcurrant is ripening! What shall we do with it? Its distinct taste is not for everyone. Put a few violet berries into your mouth, close your eyes and think of the summer… A perfect way to fall in love with blackcurrant. The noble berry, too savoury and sour for some people, has a particular, aromatic and very spicy taste. Violet is the colour of passion, it’s inspirational and in the Angelato kitchen, I swear by it.

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Wash the freshly picked blackcurrant in cold water and then remove stalks. Mix it, adding sugar, pour water over the fruit and let it rest. The blackcurrant skin contains a lot of pectins and I don’t even mind the seeds.
Blackcurrant sorbet is simply divine.
I could have it every day.
This is certainly one of my top three summer flavours, along with blueberry and raspberry sorbets.

The summer is literally seducing us to go blackcurrant wild.
So bon appétit and have a lovely summer.
Tip* Did you know that only 40 blackcurrant berries will cover your daily intake of vitamin C?

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