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Black Tea Ice-Cream

Black, white, green, red…
Tea: drunk almost everywhere in the world, served in the morning, at noon and in the evening.
Czechs have theirs with honey and lemon, the Tibetan habit is to mix powdered tea with milk and salt. Mongolia is well-known for its salty tea flavoured with milk, butter and pepper, whereas Indians like to have their tea with milk, sugar and sometimes a bit of true cardamom or ginger. In Turkey they serve tea in very small cups and with a lump of sugar. And finally in England tea is drunk with milk at specific times of the day.

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How is black tea made?
The best preservation method is fermentation, which adds a specific copper colour to the leaves.
The only difference between green and black tea is the way it is processed.

Black tea ice-cream?
Why not?
Always opt for loose leaf tea, pick your favourite flavours and buy from experts. The fresher the tea, the better. We have tried Matale, Ceylon black tea, Assam Mokalbari, fruit-flavoured ruby tea and the renowned Earl Grey, lightly scented with the elegant bergamot orange.
How do you make tea?
The darker the tea is, the hotter the water should be, which means that for black tea you need to use boiling water. If you let tea infuse for as long as 4 minutes, the taste will result in being slightly pungent and sharp, if not bitter. You can make tea taste more delicate by adding milk, cream and sugar. And here we go with ice-cream wrapped in an exotic scent.

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Five-o’clock tea? By all means, have a handful of tea ice-cream portions a day!

A tip: as for tea infusion – less is more.

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