13. May

Asparagus sorbet IV

Fresh crispy asparagus, asperge, sparrow grass, … a must have of every spring. Tuned into a light-hearted spring mode, one has a longing to eat green. I have a compulsive appetite for asparagus, so here it comes to the Angelato kitchen for the fourth year in a row. Hopefully, not for the last time.

I love asparagus soup, salad, ravioli, gnocchi, … and our asparagus sorbet, perhaps with a bit of grilled tuna.
I love velvety, soft, sweet asparagus.
I love its bright green colour.
I love its elegance and extravagance.

asparagus 101

How do you do asparagus?
Use local ingredients: asparagus grown round the corner in Mělník will taste much better than ones imported over hundreds of kilometres. You will need spears of fresh green asparagus, lemon juice, a pinch of sea salt and basil. Cut off the woody asparagus parts, cut into pieces and briefly poach in hot water.
I have tried a number of white and green asparagus recipes. The green one with balsamic vinegar or basil won by leaps and bounds.

Will you join in our asparagus mania? If you do, you won’t regret it. It’ll be gone from your cone before you can say: ‘I love asparagus.’

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