14. Aug

Angelato’s Fairy Tale Pilgrimage: the Mysterious Hvar Island

Hvar – an island of sun and lavender whose charm is impossible to resist. Before the Greeks established here the town colonies of Faros (the current Starí Grad) and of Dimos (Hvar town) in the 4th century BC, the island had been inhabited by the Illyrians.


We start our quest for Hvar lavender in the tiny picturesque village of Brusje, from which the lavender terraces go all the way up to the hills to the gorgeous settlement of Velo Grablje which was founded at the turn of the 16th century and still consists of a few stone houses built in the original Dinaric architecture.


Those who are fond of places where time stood still will, be enchanted by the mysterious nooks and crannies of this “sleeping” village. What’s more, perhaps everyone is sure to be bewitched by the blue and purple oceans of these magically smelling lavenders. The intoxicating, piercing smell of local lavender is a result of the fresh sea air as well as the rich supply of sunlight, which no other lavender in the word gets. Lavender is harvested here manually at the time of bloom, in the first half of the summer, since machinery can’t get to the higher-situated fields. Hvar has signed the Central Dalmatian Islands Declaration and was pronounced an ecologically clean zone.

Hvar-WM-14Hvar-WM-16 Hvar-WM-17

Lavender, the most fragrant symbol of the summer has already been picked and you can once again look forward to our lavender ice-cream…

Simply. Angelato